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Cattle Footcare and Claw Trimming

Bovine Hoof Care
Equine Hoof Trimming
Must have for anyone who wants to understand foot structure, function & trimming. Educational for both equine and bovine.

by E. Troussaint Raven
$ 40

Cattle Lameness & Hoof Care, 2nd edition

Lameness and overgrown feet are a major economic and welfare problem in dairy and beef cattle. This book gives a thorough understanding of the structure of the foot, what happens during overgrowth and how this is corrected by trimming.

by Roger Blowey
$ 55

Footcare in Cattle, DVD

In order to help dairy farmers and cattlemen treat and prevent footcare problems this video combines a detailed study of the anatomy of the hoof with practical foot trimming.

by Roger Blowey
$ 35

Smith & Wesson Eye Care

Some of the best safety eye wear that you will use all day, every day!

Magnum Series, clear or smoked $ 20 ea

Equalizer Series, clear or smoked $ 25 ea

Hoof Model

Freeze dried and preserved hoof models. For farriers, horse owners, trimmers, & veterinarians who want to see and touch first hand.

Horse Model as shown with stand (left) $ 125
Cattle Model as shown with stand (right) $ 250