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Easy to use, very effective. Trim hoof wall, sole and flare on horses. One handed, easy to use, with total control. Take off egg shell thick or more. Use on Drafts, saddle horses, brood mares, donkeys, miniature horses, & cattle.

The Diamond Sharpener is included in our pricing. This is the only sharpener that will work on the tungsten carbide cutter.

Includes long neck grinder, 4 tooth tungsten carbide cutter, DVD, accessory discs, and diamond sharpener. (Sharpener is $ 45 if bought separately.)

$ 365 for Saddle horse and Draft
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Rominick Livestock Services

Trim a few head or all day. Easy to use. Excellent for trimming drafts and brood mares in stocks. Bovine use to trim with tipping table or up right chutes. Takes material off quickly and in control.

Rated to trim 4000 head.

Includes 6 tooth tungsten carbide cutter, diamond sharpener, instructional DVD.

Fits in 4.5" angle grinder. $ 275

Trim Boss: The Power Hoof Trimmer - Saddle & Draft Horses

4.5" Cattle Trimmer

6 Slot Orginal Disc

Great disc for small jobs. Hoof must be stable. Equine or Bovine.

Fits in 4.5" angle grinder. $ 45

Carbide Blade Disc: 4 or 6 tooth

For large herds and professional trimmers. Round or Flat teeth. Replacement teeth available. Hoof must be stable. Equine or Bovine

Fits in 4.5" angle grinder. $ 300
Replacable teeth, $ 100 for 6.

Hoof Jack

Supports the hoof for trimming. More comfortable for the horse; easier on you.

Base includes magnets, DVD, cradle and straight pole.

$ 325 Standard (saddle horse)
$ 350 Draft Horse
Bovine Hoof Care
Log Shaping
Tungsten carbide, non- abrasive. Excellent for maintaining miniatures on a regular basis where 1/4 inch or less hoof wall to remove. Very easy to control, leaves hoof flat and even.
$ 40

Use to smooth the outside surface of the hoof for show ring quality finish.
$ 7 each

Power Hoof Trimmer Accessory Discs

We offer a 30 DAY SATISFACTION GAURENTEE on The Power Hoof Trimmer equipment purchased thru Rominick Livestock Services; send it back and we will refund purchase price less shipping.

We also offer ONE YEAR WARRENTY on Power Hoof Trimming Equipment purchased thru Rominick Livestock Services; Within 30 days of purchase, we will replace it with a new one and pay the freight both ways. After 30 days, we will repair it in Alberta and pay the postage to ship it back to you.

Disc for Maintenance of Miniature Horses

Hoof Wall Finishing Disc

Easy to use, very effective. Trim hoof wall, sole and flare on horses. One handed, easy to use, with total control. Take off egg shell thick. Use on miniature horses.

Includes long neck grinder, Miniature Horse trimming disc, DVD, & accessory discs.

$ 275 for Miniature Horses

The Power Hoof Trimmer for Miniatures


Mechanical action compund nippers $ 75

Replacement Blades $ 20 / pair

Hoof Knives

Abscess Knife: Large of Small Loop $ 48

Loop Knife $ 48

Curve Knife, Left or right handed $ 42

Hall Knife

Narrow Blade. Left or Right handed. High grade Stainless steel.
Top quality knife, excellent price.

$ 25 each
$ 20 each when 6 purchased at a time

Aesculap Knife

Invaluable tool to help locate abscesses and other causes or lameness. Stainless steel. Equine or bovine.
$ 35

Hoof Tester