Equine Hoof Repair

Equine Hoof Trimming
Equine Hoof Repair
Bovine Hoof Care
Moo Gloo works well on cattle and horses to repair sand cracks, chips and re-build the hoof wall after injury.
210 ml tube $ 35
Manual Applicator $ 65
Static Mixer $ 1.10 ea
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Moo Gloo II

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Log Shaping
Fast setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminum and urethane shoes to the hoof wall and to fabricate hoof wall repairs.

180 cc Cartridge $ 45 20 cc Syringe $ 21

Adhere: Glue on Shoe Hoof Repair

Create a custom shoe in minutes!

180 cc Cartridge $ 45

Super Fast 30 Second All In One

Distribute the weight across the entire hoof bottom to grow heel, hoof wall and sole.

180 cc Cartridge $ 35

Equi-Build Firm Instant Pad Material

Used to prevent sore feet and comfort a sore footed horse.

180 cc Cartridge $ 35

Equi-Pak Instant Shock Absorbent Hoof Packing

Dispense under a pad to cushion seal and protect the foot.

180 cc Cartridge $ 24

Sil-Pak Silicone Packing Material

For 180 cc Cartridges

$ 75

Dispensing Gun

For 180 cc Cartridges $ 1.20 ea

For 2 cc Syringe $ 1.00 ea

Mixing Tip

Use to manipulate Moo Gloo and Vettec Products. Place over adhesive and manipulate material, peel back when adhesive is cool.

Roll $ 10

Contouring Plastic

All Ice Horse Ice Packs stay flexable with no pressure points. They keep cool for up to two hours. Keep in the deep freeze for when you need them.

Extra 4 packs $ 35
Draft Horse, mildly lame, untreated old injury
De-briding crack with The Power Hoof Trimmer
Completed repair, showed no lameness