Equine Hoof Trimming
Equine Hoof Repair
Bovine Hoof Care
Equine Hoof Trimming Equipment
Products and equipment to repair cracks, custom fabricate shoes, hoof packing, leg wraps, ice therapy, equine first aid, book on equine care.
Equine Hoof Repair and Care
Log builders, this is for you! These trimming discs will be an asset to every tool box on the site.
Log Shaping Discs
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Rominick Livestock Services

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Books & Other
Bovine trimming chute, trimming discs, block adhesives, manual applicators, mixers, wood blocks, rubber blocks, cohesive flexible bandage, gauze roll, gauze dressing; it is all here.
Bovine Restraint, Hoof Repair and Care
Books and DVDs on hoof trimming, first aid for horses, horse and cow hoof models.

Also Smith & Wesson glasses.
Books, DVD, Hoof Models
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Log Shaping
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