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 for equine and bovine hoof care.

Get your equipment from someone who uses it, when you have questions, we have real answers and experience.

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Trim Boss: The Power Hoof Trimmer is the Best product for trimming horses.

No need for nippers or rasp, use hoof knife only to trim frog. Easy to use with total control. Trim hoof wall, sole and flare. Fast, yet no muscle strength required. Entire unit weighs 1.5 lbs and is easily operated with one hand, leaving your other hand free to stabilize the hoof.
Trimming Miniature horse with accessory disc.
Trimming Saddle horse with Trim Boss:
4 tooth head and Hoof Jack.
Trimming Draft with 4 tooth head.
Trim Boss: The Power Hoof Trimmer: our most popular product. This trimmer takes the work out of horse hoof trimming. Click here
to go directly to the Equine Product page.

Tested by a Certified Farrier, our products are made available for you only because we use them. Our products are durable, long lasting and do the job as advertised.

To see the equipment in action, we can send you a DVD for $5, when you purchase the Trimmer, we take $5 off the price. We charge this to cover postage and production costs of the DVD.
Hoof Trimmer
We offer a 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on the Power Hoof Trimmer equipment purchased thru Rominick Livestock Services; send it back and we will refund purchase price less shipping.

We also offer ONE YEAR WARRANTY on Power Hoof Trimming Equipment purchased thru Rominick Livestock Services; Within 30 days of purchase, we will replace it with a new one and pay the freight both ways. After 30 days, we will repair it in Alberta and pay the postage to ship it back to you.
Bovine Restraint
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We look forward to the Mane Event April 26 thru 28, 2013. Visit us in Booth 1005.